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“Why nobody won the audition”

The results of auditions can be simply mind-boggling sometimes. You can be the most prepared person at the audition and still walk away empty handed. Sometimes its because you played like garbage. Sometimes it’s because one of the candidates is married to another member of the orchestra, and has been subbing with the orchestra already […]

Taking Auditions for “The Experience”

As you probably know, auditions are the strangest things. They can turn the strongest players into a fumbling pile of nerves, the cleanest spiccato into a lovely martelé, and the steadiest scherzo into a Stockhausen pointillist etude. Locking yourself in a practice room doesn’t solve this problem. Being able to nail a passage 20 times […]

Buy your favorite strings and give back to ViolinExcerpts.com

I’m very excited to be able to partner with MusiciansFriend.com to promote the accessories you need to play your best. MusiciansFriend has the same products at the same price you would pay anywhere else online. The difference is when you buy your items through this site, ViolinExcerpts receives a small percentage from each purchase, at […]

Play Behind the Screen

One of the best things you can do to prepare for an audition is to simulate the audition experience. If you can’t get some friends or colleagues together to listen to you run through your excerpts, use this first-person audition video instead. You can treat this video like the real thing. In the “audition” you […]

Preparing for Auditions (In the Audition)

Preparing for Auditions (In the Audition) 1) Make music: So the moment has finally arrived that you have been preparing for countless hours. This is your five minutes to shine, so make the most of it. Of course you have to play in tune, in time, and with quality, but you also need to play […]

Preparing for Auditions (Pre-Audition Procedures)

1) Check in with the Personnel Manager When you arrive, find someone who knows what’s going on (i.e. the personnel manager or the audition coordinator) and let them know who you are. Also figure out: • Where you can warm up. • A timeline of when things are happening (e.g. drawing numbers, when you can […]

39 Orchestral Etiquette Tips Every Musician Ought to Know

If you play in an orchestra or band, you probably already know that rehearsals can be a fun and enjoyable time, or just super frustrating and annoying. When rehearsals go bad…there are a lot of things that are not within your control. -The repertoire you’re playing -The competency of the conductor. -The temperature of the […]