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Here is a list of some other helpful websites: Audition Announcements: Musical Chairs.info A nice list of orchestra openings. Includes many international orchestras, however do not rely solely on this source. The International Musician If you are a member of the AFM, their monthly magazine also lists auditions in the classified section. You can subscribe […]

Preparing for Auditions (How to Practice)

Preparing for Auditions (How to practice) 1) Use a metronome! I know, I know: it’s so painful to use a metronome, but a metronome is one of the most important tools for helping you prepare for auditions. Having accurate rhythm is so crucial to wining an audition. Being unsteady in an audition is the fastest […]

Preparing for Auditions (Before you start practicing)

1) Make sure you know the dates and deadlines. This seems pretty obvious, but if you are preparing for multiple auditions at the same time, you may get the different deadlines confused. And it doesn’t matter how well you play, if you miss the entry deadline, you won’t get a chance to play even one […]


A metronome is arguably the most important tool in helping musicians prepare excerpts, and music in general. If you don’t have your own metronome, here is a simple one, although there are many also available for free on the internet, or on your phone. I like this one because it reminds me of the one […]

America’s Concertmasters

This unique book, based on extensive research on more than 180 concertmasters and dozens of interviews, looks at the training and personality traits that have yielded great leaders in the string sections of orchestras in the United States and Canada. After a brief overview of some of the early concertmasters in Europe, twelve chapters present […]

Mischa Mischakoff: Journeys of a Concertmaster

Mischa Mischakoff, widely considered the world’s finest concertmaster in the mid-twentieth century and called “Toscanini’s third hand” by critics and conductors, enjoyed a seven-decade career in the first chair. This biography by his daughter describes that career in Russia, Poland, and the top orchestras of America. It highlights as well the personal traits and experiences […]

Music Minus One: Concertmaster Solos

Music Minus One: Violin Here is a collection of symphonic excerpts showcasing the solo violinist in ensemble situations. This album provides a necessary introduction to the experience of soloing in an orchestral ensemble and will give you a thrilling environment in which to do it. Great music from the world’s master composers. American virtuoso Geoffrey […]

William Preucil Excerpt CD

This is a personal favorite resource of mine. William Preucil is the concertmaster of the Cleveland Orchestra This is a review from Epinions.com: Preucil plays through the standard orchestra audition rep and talks the listener through the excerpts. Such a play-and-teach format should theoretically be boring, or at least, apathetically informative. However, in Preucil’s hands, […]

Josef Gingold Sheet Music Vol.3

Included Excerpts: * Concerto No. 3 Composed by Johann Sebastian Bach * Suite No. 1 In C Major Composed by Johann Sebastian Bach * Overture “leonore No. 3” Composed by Ludwig Van Beethoven * Overture Coriolan Composed by Ludwig Van Beethoven * Piano Concerto No. 3 Composed by Ludwig Van Beethoven * Piano Concerto No. […]