Please note that these orchestral violin excerpts are from previous auditions. You should always check the current audition requirements for each audition you are preparing for. These lists are for educational purposes only, and are not notices of auditions or employment.

Alabama Symphony Orchestra

2012 Section 2nd Violin Audition Excerpts

Albany Symphony Orchestra

Section Violin Sept 2013

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

April 2013 First Violin Audition Repertoire

Austin Symphony Orchestra

2012 Assistant Concertmaster Audition Excerpts

Boise Philharmonic

August 2012 Section 2nd Violin Audition Excerpts

Charleston Symphony Orchestra

October 2012 Principal Second Violin & Assistant Concertmaster Audition List

The Cleveland Orchestra

April 2013 Assistant Concertmaster Audition Excerpts

Detroit Symphony Orchestra

October 2011 Section Violin Audition Excerpts
January 2014 Section Violin

Grant Park Orchestra

March 2010 First Violin, 3rd Chair Audition Excerpts

Houston Symphony Orchestra

Second Violin Audition Repertoire, May 2013

Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra

February 2014 Violin 1 Section Excerpts

Knoxville Symphony Orchestra

2012 Core Violin Section Audition Excerpts

Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra

April 2013 Violin Section Repertoire

The Louisville Orchestra

February 2014 Assistant Concertmaster Repertoire

Memphis Symphony Orchestra

2012 Per Service Violin Audition Excerpts
2012 Principle 2nd Violin Audition Exceprts

Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra

January 2013 Section First and Second Violin Audition Repertoire

Oregon Symphony Orchestra

2012 Section Violin Audition Excerpts

Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

2012 Section Second Violin Audition Repertoire

Roanoke Symphony Orchestra (VA)

May 2013 Section Violin and Principal 2nd Violin

San Antonio Symphony Orchestra

Section Violin-II Audition-Repertoire, June 2013
Assistant Concertmaster Audition Repertoire, June 2013

San Diego Symphony

October 2012 Associate Principal 2nd Violin Audition Excerpts
January 2012 Section Violin Audition Excerpts
April 2013 Associate Principal Violin II and Section Violin

Spokane Symphony Orchestra

Section Violin Sept. 2013

St. Louis Symphony Orchestra

2013 1st Violin Section Audition Excerpts

Virginia Symphony Orchestra

Section Violin Audition, May/August 2013

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