Useful Links

Here is a list of some other helpful websites:

Audition Announcements:

A nice list of orchestra openings. Includes many international orchestras, however do not rely solely on this source.

The International Musician
If you are a member of the AFM, their monthly magazine also lists auditions in the classified section. You can subscribe to this magazine if you are not an AFM member.

The is another website that posts auditions for every instrument around the world. They have a nice feature of being able to sign up for email notifications whenever there is an audition for your instrument.

muv.acIt stands for: Musical Vacancies. This is the site for European orchestral online vacancy management. It’s a great system, kinda wish we had this in the US.

Violin Blogs: Probably the biggest blog on the internet-lots of great forums, articles, blogs from users, and database of almost everyone associated with the violin.

Nate’s Violin is a personal blog by Nathan Cole with a nice balance of personal musings, helpful tips on excerpts, and general life of an orchestral musician. Be sure to check out his pages on the Schumann Scherzo

Cesar Aviles, a violinist over at has a very enthusiastic and encouraging blog on all things for classical musicians and self development. A good read and some helpful products too.

Ariella from has a fun approach to learning pop song covers for the violin and much more. I’m always happy to promote people who are helping people and having fun doing it too. I’m sure you’ll enjoy her sense of humor as much as I do.

Free Sheet Music: is a great place to find public domain parts and scores.

Sam Wood has put together a very nice site where you can find links to free violin sheet music and YouTube videos right next to each other. It’s a cool way to browse and find new music.

Violins and Violin Shops:

Father and son team Michael and Pierre Holstein have a great site for purchasing violins, as well as strings and all other accessories. They especially have some great outfits for beginners that are setup by them personally in their shop in Florida-which you wouldn’t get by purchasing violins blindly on the internet. Fiddlershop Online violin store

Other Excerpt Sites:

I’ve also made identical sites for the other string instruments. You can find them at:
Viola excerpts
Cello excerpts
Double Bass excerpts

And there are some more for other instruments too:
Orchestral Horn Excerpts
Orchestral Trombone Excerpts
Orchestral Bassoon Excerpts

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